Good soil = Good Plants

Great Soils are available at Moody’s!

Screened Top Soil: $42.99/cu. yd.
50/50 A Compost and Top Soil Mix: $69.99/cu. yd.
Compost: $69.99/cu. yd.

1 cubic yard covers 100 square feet 3 inches deep.

We are happy to load your truck or trailer during normal business hours. Please note that soil weighs twice as much as mulches, and we are happy to provide guidance. Delivery is available for an additional fee. Please call Moody’s at (207) 284-7233 for details.


Moody’s has bagged soils and soil amendments available such as:



  • Top Soil
  • Pro-Mix (Potting Soil):  2.2 c.f. loose, 3.8 c.f. compressed
  • Moisture Mate: Potting soil with moisture enhancing fertilizer
  • Tree, Shrub & Rose Mix
  • Garden Soil (Vegetable & Fruit) with Plant Food
  • Complete Planting Mix (Soil, compost, and peat moss)
  • Sungrow 3B: Our professional growing mix


  • Peat Moss: 2.2 c.f. compressed, 3.8 c.f. compressed
  • Bagged Compost: Benson Farm’s Surf ‘N Turf
  • Organic Composted Cow Manure
  • Play Sand


  • Dark Pine
  • Autumn Blend
  • Playground Mulch

Bagged mulches color match our bulk products!