Jolly Gardener Mulches are simply the best, and nobody stocks more variety than Moody’s. Moody’s Nursery and Garden Center has the right look for your Garden.

Dark Mulch: $52.99 / cu. yd. A dark brown mulch made from New England Forest products, aged and stabilized to maintain its color.

Premium Blend: $56.99 / cu. yd. A lighter brown blend of Pine, Spruce and Hemlock that is color stabilized for longer life in the garden.

Autumn Blend: $56.99/ cu. yd. A blend of Pine, Spruce and Hemlock that is color enhanced to a rich red.

Playground Mulch: $59.99 / cu. yd. An ASTM impact and wheelchair accessibility approved surfacing mulch. Made from clear wood it is perfect for playgrounds and pathways.

1 cubic yard covers 100 square feet 3 inches deep.
We are happy to load your truck or trailer during our regular business hours.
Mulches weigh approximately 900 pounds per cubic yard.
Delivery is available for an additional fee. Please call Moody’s at (207) 284-7233 for details.

Bagged Mulches include:

  • Dark Mulch
  • Autumn Blend
  • Playground Mulch

Bag mulches color match our bulk mulches!